A picture is worth a thousand words. Any complex idea can be conveyed with just a single still image, and conveys its meaning more effectively than a description does.

The art of photography allows you to capture a memory, document your family, tells a story and share your perspective. Through the lenses, you will learn to appreciate the world around you differently, as you begin to notice the details and beauty of things and people.

Our photography course will provide you with the knowledge and skills required as a keen hobbyist or as a professional photographer. Basic photography, composition, and basic photoshop will be covered in the lessons.

Areas of Photography:

• Sports
• Weddings / Events
• Macro
• Street / Candid / Travel
• Portraits
• Night
• Aerial
• Food


Our team of instructors has vast experience shooting in a variety of photography genres for the past 20 years. Their passion drives them to keep honing their photography skills and equipping themselves with the knowledge in the latest technology in both the hardware and software.

Besides shooting, they are also dedicated to training others in the area of photography. That includes being the teacher-in-charge of the Photography Club in the school, as well as training of volunteer photographers for VWOs.

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