Glass Art

Long before the age of metals, glass was being manufactured from raw materials and melted into beads, bottles and bowls. Throughout the centuries, people have always loved glass for its amazing beauty and form, and owning luxurious glass pieces has always been a mark of status and privilege.

Glass is beautiful, fascinating, and versatile. Unlike any other medium, it has the ability to reflect, refract and diffuse light. Glass as a creative artistic medium offers enormous potential to the artist to create beautiful sculptures and 3D decorative artworks.

Our program allows you to be hands-on and experience the magic of molten glass while creating your own masterpiece.


• Glass Painting
• Glass Mosaic Express
• Fused Glass Jewellery Express
• Glass Fusing & Slumping
• Fritography


Our team of instructors comprises experienced Artists, Craftspersons and Glaziers who are dedicated to share their experience for this special art form. Their areas of expertise include design, fabrication, and installation. They see themselves as custodians of an ancient art form with a responsibility to contribute towards heritage conservation, in a landscape of increasing urbanization.

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