Flower Arrangement

Ever been captivated by a lush and beautiful floral arrangement and wished you could put together one too?

Now you can also create a mixed-flower arrangement for your home or an elegant hand bouquet for wedding. The Flower Arrangement course teaches you the basic elements of arranging, basic structure or line, points of focus and finish. You will be able to create a piece that you can proudly display at home and office, or as a gift for wedding or housewarming.


• Hand Bouquet

• Table Floral

• Ribbons & Decorative

• Floral & Gift Hamper

• Bridal & Wedding Floral

• Gift Wrapping


Our instructor is passionate and dedicated to everything floral providing inspirational and fun lessons. With many years of experience, she will share how you can turn your love for natural art pieces into an enriching hobby.

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