Dance, in various forms, allows people to develop creative skills through the movements of the body. It helps people who are busy and desk bound at work to relax and stay healthy through exercise in a fun way, and at the same time, make new friends with shared interests.

Dance is vital for people of every age as it helps improve strength and flexibility, keeping muscles and joints healthy. There are many types of dance that are suitable for various age groups. Take the first step to discover the joy and health benefits of dance!

Areas of Dance:

• Hiphop
• Jazz
• Lindy Hop
• Salsa
• Contemporary
• Modern
• Contact Improvisation
• Physical Theatre


Our dance instructor is a member of the NUS Dance Blast! And NUS Dance Ensemble and had been founding member, senior member, captain and instructor to a few others. He had formal training in various genres of dances including Hip Hop, Jazz, Lindy Hop, Salsa, Contemporary, Modern, Contact Improvisation and Physical Theater.

Since graduating from NUS with a Bachelors of Arts & Social Sciences (Japanese Studies), he has been involved in countless productions and dance assignments, both local and overseas, and has been actively choreographing, performing, and acting in many productions.

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