Creative Writing

Creative writing enables a person to use a language to express thoughts, feelings and emotions through the creativity of mind. It is more than simply giving information. It allows the writer to educate or entertain, as well as to spread awareness about something or someone.

Proficiency in creative writing is also important for students in their composition writing as well as in their learning of other subjects. Our program will help students develop these skills and processes to improve fluency in writing, stimulate their imagination and draw on their experiences to enhance their creative expressions.

Course Outline:

Preschool and Kindergarten
• Prepare young English language learners for later success in school
• Develop basic foundational skills in language and literacy
• Help children be better poised and confident when learning other subjects
• Learn through games and activities, in and out of school

Primary School
• Equip students with relevant skills that help them in English as a school subject as well as subjects like Maths and Science, requiring a good command of the language

For Mandarin Speaking
• Gain confidence in speaking, reading and writing in English for better career prospects or just as an additional life language to open up a new world of learning

For students interested in Advertising as a career
• Facts vs storytelling
• Good grammar versus good communication
• Features versus  benefits
• Design versus words
• Less versus more
• Relevance versus irreverence?
• Literal versus lateral thinking


Our instructor has over 20 years of experience in the advertising industry starting out as Copywriter, Designer then to Creative Director. She has worked with multi-national clients from various industries and she enjoys the challenges of developing brands for each product to possess its own DNA that can be powerfully translated into clear messages across all platforms.

She won leadership award 2014 in Shanghai for grooming team and delivering to be the top-producing department, and also participated in ‘2015 Vocational Guidance’ by the Rotary Club of Singapore.

She believes that communication is about reaching out, touching lives and making every encounter a turning point for individuals who want to do more and to make a difference.

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