Character Design

Character Design has played an important role in our lives. From the classic characters familiar to us all through cartoons such as Mickey Mouse and The Simpsons, movies such as Frozen and Kung Fu Panda, to the heroes and villains in the video games, these characters brought so much joy and fun in our growing years.

You will learn to design and sketch a character and how to use line qualities and styles to give it a personality.

Workshop Outline

• Fundamentals of Character Design
• How to create a character for animation, video game and illustration


Our Art Instructor graduated from 3Dsense Media School and specializes in Visual Effects and Animation. He was involved in game projects such as ‘Wakfu Raiders’ (2015), ‘Big Hero 6: Bot Fight’ (2014), ‘Puzzle Trooper’ (2012), TV Animation ‘Gon’ (2012) Season 2, and Disney Channel TV Program ‘Special Agent Oso’ Season 2 (2010).

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