Balloon Sculpting

A hot favourite feature for private parties, company events and roadshows. Balloon Sculpting entertains, allows you to unleash you creativity. Using various colours and shapes of balloons to create your favourite animals, cartoon characters, or just about anything.

Join our class to learn this skill that brings hours of joy to yourself and your family!

Course Outline:

• Single Balloon Twisting – animals, sword and understand type twisting

• Two – three Balloons Twisting – animals, cartoon characters, flowers, lollipop

• Four & more balloons – animals, cartoon characters, flowers, balloon stands/arches


With many years of Balloon twisting, our Balloon Art instructor is experienced in creating small detailed sculptures as well as a multitude of beautiful designs. She started twisting balloons for her children who love them, and eventually developed that skill into a profession where she offers the service to private parties and church events.

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